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Connexionarts Teachers' CornerWe hope that you will visit this part of our site often for tips and readymade lessons to use with your classes. Feel free to download the material you find here.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF pages.

Sound Journey Creating a River Soundscape

Sound Journey

Sound Journey was part of a Family Concert Guide developed by Connexionarts for the Napa Valley Symphony's 2002 Family Concert. The Napa Valley Symphony sent this guide to ticket subscribers prior to the concert.

Sound Journey was designed to help young concert-goers explore the use of everyday sounds as music. For concert purposes, the Family Concert Guide linked this activity to Jacques Ibert's Divertissement. (Divertissement was written for the French farce The Straw Hat of Italy. It tells the story of a man on his wedding day who is having a lot of problems! In the "Finale" scene, the groom, who has not turned up at the wedding, is being chased by the entire wedding party.) Sound Journey is easily adaptable for classroom use – you don't need the recording to play this game.

Using the Sound Journey in the Classroom

The Sound Journey
  • helps students to focus
  • builds awareness
  • appeals to the visual learner.

Use the Sound Journey to

  • explore everyday sounds in the classroom and surrounding community
  • build sequencing skills
  • initiate a music vocabulary

Sound Journey (PDF 473 kb)


Creating a River Soundscape

Creating a River Soundscape was created as part of a fourth-grade curriculum developed for ArtsAware, an initiative of the Delaware Symphony and OperaDelaware. The unit theme is Roads We Take, Choices We Make, and in this lesson students explore choices that result in the pollution of our natural environment.

In the original curriculum the activity was linked to a study of the beautiful picture book The River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry. You may wish to locate this resource, but you can also use this lesson without the book.

Using Creating a River Soundscape in the Classroom

The Soundscape

  • builds attention skills
  • encourages students to explore musical expression, ensemble, and tone color
  • appeals to the visual and auditory learner.

Use the Soundscape to

  • build appreciation of the environment
  • explore other stories, topics, and processes
  • build music vocabulary

Creating a River Soundscape (PDF 262 kb)


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